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We conduct a thorough assessment to tailor services to each specific group and utilize a combination of educational presentations, interactive workshops, multisensory learning (including video and remote learning), peer sharing, and systems consultation to build strong foundational knowledge, tools, and practices.

Online Discussion


Individual and group,

Resilience training. Caregiveer burnout support. Teaching all aspects of the Trauma-informed-to-resilience spectrum.


For schools, parents groups, and nonprofits.

  • Strengths-based + solutions-based approaches

  • Whole child + whole community perspectives
  • ​Multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary methods to improve teamwork, productivity, and motivation.

Elementary school class sitting cross le

Organizational Training

Corporate and large organizational resilience training In partnership with Opportu,


Our training and consulting programs seek to: 


  • Mitigate the impact of toxic workplace stress

  • Foster systems change to manage crises and reduce worker burnout.

  • Promote social support by embedding resilience-building. strategies into the workplace

Business Team Meeting Seminar Training C

Peer Training

Peer-led programs have been proven effective in creating large, scalable behavioral change. 


Train peers to be "resilience-builders" to incorporate the People, Places, and Practices that can transform complex and large systems to adopt resilience practices. 

When peers adopt resilience they have an exponential impact on improving educational achievement, behavioral, and physical health in large scale populations. Learn more here about our work in public housing and schools to positively impact health and education.

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