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Welcome to the Bounce Back Generation!

Our mission is to help individuals, families, organizations and systems bounce back from the negative effects of toxic stress and trauma by building and sharing our practical tools for resilience. 

Learn about Resilience

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 Watch videos made by our community about the skills they use to promote resilience. 

What is Resilience

What is Resilience

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The stress of living in the modern world affects us all.

This generation can bounce back.

We know that emotional trauma, adversity in childhood, and ongoing stress are impacting children and the adults they will become. Whether you're caring for a child or healing from your own childhood trauma, you are part of the Bounce Back Generation.

Our organization teaches adults and children how to understand and manage the connections between brain, body, and emotions. We show you how to transform your homes, schools, and workplaces so that your people, places, and practices can create opportunities to recover and grow stronger.  Life is stressful, but we are the Bounce Back Generation!  

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Coping Skills

School-Based Workshops

Teachers, students, and parents are struggling right now. With our partner Opportu we are offering the School Resilience Building Program - a scalable, systems-wide opportunity to heal and get ready for what's next.
  • Build a system that helps manage adult and child stress responses with our Roadmap to Resilience.
  • Social-emotional learning, design thinking, proprietary tools, fun, and engaging. 
  • Appropriate for individuals, small groups, and large organizations.
"This is an opportunity to give educators, kids, and parents the boost of encouragement they need."
Please watch our video below to learn more.