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Are you worried how children are coping with extreme levels of ongoing stress? 

We all should be. The more Adverse Childhood Experiences a child has, the more likely they will experience learning difficulties, emotional problems, and serious health concerns for a lifetime. Many aspects of the Covid19 pandemic are creating Adverse Childhood Experiences for a generation of children. They need resilience training.

Visit BBGTV.org to learn more about how real people are finding their own resilience, building coping skills, and applying the 6 Building Blocks for Resilience in their own lives.


Like resilience, knowledge is a superpower. 

Many universities and organizations conduct research and offer education and information on emotional trauma, toxic stress, and its effects on children and adults. We’ve selected several resources below (used by permission from the Harvard Center for the Developing Child).

For more research and information on the impacts of toxic stress and resilience, please visit the Harvard Center on the Developing Child website.

Ballet School
Image by Serge Kutuzov
School Children
Sunday School
Little Boy Super Hero Concept
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Who is concerned about childhood Toxic Stress?


  • A school getting ready to re-open their doors post-pandemic.

  • A pediatrician seeking ways to reduce toxic stress for her young patient.

  • A foster care agency alarmed by the high rates of depression in the youth they serve.

  • A community worried about the fate of children raised in a high crime, violent neighborhood.

  • The parent who wonders how their child will cope with the death of a loved one, memories of domestic abuse, or the drug abuse of a family member.