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We are data-driven and people-centered.

Bounce Back Generation's Impact


Scientifically Supported & Data Driven

Design Thinking

Multi-Media Platforms

Bounce Back Generation’s innovative programs have helped people of various ages, communities, and organizations become more resilient so they can bounce back from stress, affect the outcomes of childhood adversity,

and build community responses to trauma.


Program evaluations and comments from participants tell the story of

the results we can achieve.


We’re also pleased to have support from an impressive roster of foundations, organizations, and government agencies.

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Clients & Partners 

  • Bridge Housing Corporation


  • San Francisco Public Health Department

  • San Francisco Public Health Foundation

  • Oakland Unified School District

  • Hope SF Mayor's Office

  • San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Evaluation Results

"Learning about resilience was one of the best days I've had at work."


- Transit worker

"BBG taught me how to communicate with people on a calmer level.”


- Public housing resident

“It has changed my relationships with community and family members. You can communicate better when you 'Breathe, Stay Calm, and Care'.”


- Childcare worker

"Thank you for bringing out the best in me!"


- Unhoused elementary school parent

"I really enjoyed the training and learned so much about myself and what triggers me and how to respond better."


- Parent and teacher

Education Impacts:

  • Improved educational outcomes

  • Increased knowledge of child development

  • Increased parent participation in school readiness

See the Harder + Co Report on our Healthy Generations Project for more information.

Health Impacts: 


  • Reduced stress and increased healthy coping skills

  • Improved Child and Youth Resilience Measurement (CYRM) scores

  • Increased sense of self-efficacy to manage day-to-day challenges

  • Improved anger management skills and nutritional knowledge

Community Building + Peer Knowledge Impacts:

  • Improved relationships

  • Increased social support and sense of community

  • Increased peer learning (ongoing learning from each other)

Participant Feedback

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